Aquaponics is an inventive system for growing food.

Aquaponics combines hydroponics with aquaculture, cultivating vegetables and fish in an ecological cycle.
But aquaponics is more than that: It is a stepping stone to the integration of energy and residual flows within modern agricultural clusters. is a portal for Aquaponics organisations.
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European Aquaponics Professionals

Consortium between European professionals.
Consultancy, development and support for professional systems.

Aquaponics informaton

Very big source of aquaponics knowledge, focused on backyard users.
Dutch website with google translation for EN, FR, SP,…

European Aquaponics webshop

Webshop for Aquaponics backyard and semi-professional systems.
Partner bases model.

European Aquaponics Association

European membership based organisation.
Cooperation between several European professionals, organisations, education.

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